Waec Gce 2017 English Obj And Theory Answers – Nov/Dec Expo





English obj


Question 7
(a) Good sleep enables vital organs to be renewed for better functioning.
Good sleep has the tendency to improve one’s memory.
Good sleep helps the body to be better immuned against certain diseases.

Some people do not sleep well due to the nature of their lifestyle, ranging from working long hours on stressful jobs to type and timing of foods they eat. 
Some people also do not sleep well because they either have insomia or a severe physical injury that cause them pains.

Question 6
(a) The old business tycoon decided to leave the business because of his heart’s health condition.

(b) He could have selected from either his directors or children.

(c) The purpose of the test was to find out about their honesty.

(d) He was shy and quiet.

(e) Jim’s wife helped him get promoted through her advice.

(f) That even when the desired result wasn’t seen, the right thing was being done.

(g) (i) Personification
(ii) He was experiencing disappointment.

(h) (i) Adverbial clause
(ii) It modifies the verb ”asked”

(i) Shocked – Surprised
sprout – germinate
Shyly – Timidly
Colleagues – coworkers 
Humiliation – shame
Courgeous – bold

Essay Written Number 5 Solution

Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch (Moral Story)

Once there lived a milkmaid in a small old town. Everyday early in the morning she milked the cow and sold the milk in the market. One day the milkmaid was going on her way to sell the milk.
She carried a pail on her head which was full of fresh milk.

”Today the cow has given more milk than she normally does, how good it will be if she gives some more milk everyday.
That means I will get some extra money everyday.” The milkmaid muttered happily.”With that money I will buy some hens.

I will take a good care of the hens. The hens will lay eggs and when the eggs will hatch, healthy chickens will come out from those eggs.” The young milkmaid couldn’t stop thinking.” When they grow up I will sell those chickens in the market at a good price and with that money I will buy more hens. More hens means more chickens and more money.Oh! I will become so rich.The milkmaid continued making plans. ”I am young and beautiful and now I will become rich too. Every handsome young man of the town will want to marry me but I will say yes to the man that I like the most,
she nodded her head to say yes, and as she moved her head the pail of milk fell down and broke and the milk flowed away. Poor milkmaid, she shouldn’t have counted her chickens before hatching.

Meaning of the moral- It is not good to make plans based on something before it really happens.



Number 1

. No. 3 Kunle Bode street,
Festac Town,
Lagos State.
23rd September, 2017.
Dear Tim,
I am glad to have heard from you after a very long time. It’s ten years already. Yeah! I need not ask how you are faring. Your letter does all the talking. I am glad you have gained so much wealth, mentally and financially. Your achievement underscores the fact that a good business is more profitable than a government paid job, especially when the pay is in its five digits.
From my own end, so many things have been happening to me as a government worker, especially following the economic recession the nation was and is still plunged into. I basically struggle to make ends meet due to my large family size.
Just recently, the government have begun to owe workers and i am affected. I haven’t been paid in two(2) months. Yet i have to survive.
I envy you! You talked about how you have built several houses and how you have ventured into real estate. That is some feat! I still live in a rented apartment for the fact that i am not yet financially strong.

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