2018/19 Waec Chemistry Theory And Obj Answers (May/June Exam)

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– By participating in election
– By knowing and defending our right
– By joining or belonging to popular organizations like the NLC (Nigeria Labor Congress).
– By peaceful demonstration
– Through strike

-Lack of credible candidate. Since the beginning of the post-military era, there has been a continuous cycle of politicians. People do not have so many options from which they vote.

– Current condition of governance. This is probably the number one reason for political apathy in Nigeria. The government has failed to provide good leadership and governance for the country, as a result, the level of apathy towards politics and governance has increased.

– Lack of trust in governance. This is different from the dislike of politicians. In this case, this is an issue of not believing in the way of governance and lacking the interest to see governance improve. Most people also have lost hope of a better governance and therefore a reason for their political apathy.

– Campaign violence. Due to the level of violence that always occur during the build-up to elections, most people stay away from electoral process for the safety of their lives. Also, the violence was seen during campaign always damage the credibility of most political parties and their candidates among the people. And because of this, the level of political apathy keeps growing.

– Chaos in the political system. In Nigeria today, there is so much chaos going in politics and in the government. They include political oppression and victimization, political infighting, etc.


(i) Cocaine
(ii) Heroine
(iii) Methamphetamine
(iv) Inhalants
(v) Steroids
(i) Increased Need for Privacy
(ii) Lack of Anger Management Skills
(iii) High Risk Taking
(iv) Lack of Interest
(v) Depression
(vi) Lying and other unethical behavior
(vii) Defensiveness
(i) Involving in odd vices such aslying and stealing to pay for your drug use
(ii) Financial problems due to High cost of drugs

3a)A constituted authority is any representative or officer who has been properly appointed or elected under the constitution for the government of that country’s citizenry or the society. This includes the President, Governors, Police Officers, etc.

i)It makes rules and regulations to guide behaviour within its respective organization.
ii) It has the responsibility of making policies for the group.
iii) Constituted authority provides employment opportunity for the citizens
iv)It enhances the growth and development of the nation.
v)Constituted authority provides security over lives and properties of the people.
Vi)It instill discipline in the society.

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