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Society is referred to as the association of human beings. This suggests the whole complex of relations of man to his fellows.


(i) Society is a largest human group.

(ii) It satisfies the needs of its members.

(iii)One of the characteristic of society is having sense of belonging and cooperation. It is more or less permanent association

(iv) It is abstract (Because social relationships can be felt and imagined and cannot be seen).

(v) Everyone in society is dependent upon every other member.

(vi) It should be organized i.e. will be having division of labor.

(vii) “There is consciousness of kind.” Among the members of society.

(viii) It is always changing.
It has its own means to survive.

(ix) It is a self-sufficient social system.

(x)It lasts for a longer period of time than groups and communities.

(xi) One of the characteristic of society has its own culture.



– By Birth : A person is a citizen by birth if either his parents, mother or father is a citizen of a country

– By naturalization : Somebody can become a citizen of a country where he lives through naturalization. This is possible if he can satisfy the constitutional requirements for naturalization

– Marriage or Registration : If a woman is married to a person of another nationality, she can acquire the citizenship of the husband’s country through registration

– Statutory age: An alien can become a citizen of another country if he has attained the required age as stipulated by the law of the country

– Good character : He/She must possess good character


6)- Appointment : The Emir appointment of officials e. g. Madawaki/Waziri/Galadima and Hakim to assist him in administering the emirate

– Social services : Provides social services for the people

– Communal work: The Emir organized his people for communal work e. g. roads and emir’s palace

– Defense: Organizes the people for defense of the emirate against external attacks

– Supreme leader: The emir was the Supreme leader of his subjects


7a) Protonationalism is generally referred to as traditional nationalists who were opposed to giving up their territories because they were denied respectable positions in their land or communities by reason of their race

7b)- Economic exploitation : There was economic exploitation of Nigerians by foreign firms

– Administrative post: Nigerians were not allowed to hold any administrative posts and the highest they could attain was that of Chief Clerk

– Lake of adequate educational facilities : The missionaries who were out to provide education did not achieve much due to financial problens

– Racial segregation : Discrimination against the natives was mostly witnessed in the 20th century in Nigeria.

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