2019 Waec Government Questions And Answers


answer two questions 

We study governments so we can make an educated decision when it comes to voting. This means that you are not just going to make your voting decision on a speech or tv program that you see. You are going to be able to have a clear understanding of the different policies which are in place and you can compare one party to another, ensuring you make the right decision for you.

Studying government gives you knowledge. You are in a position to know more about the government than ever before. If you do not study governments then you are not going to know all of the ins and outs of politics.

We can control the future of our country, including political movements and government decision making. Studying government is going to ensure that you can make a difference.

There is always going to be the option to make improvements within different governments. If a government does not have a clear idea on one of their policies, this can be changed and improved over time, and you can understand this when you study the subject.

(5)Career choices:
Studying the government is going to open many doors for you and you can decide whether or not you want to go into a career in politics (to make a difference as much as you see fit).
There are many different reasons why we study politics, and it is mainly to have a clear understanding of how things operate and to ensure that improvements can be made in the future.


(2a)Person who is entitled to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by a state to the people comprising its constituency, and is obligated to obey its laws and to fulfill his or duties as called upon. Also called national.


1. Obey the law
This is the principal duty of a good citizen. Laws are made to protect the interest of all citizens to the extent that if every citizen obey the law, there will be order and everybody will live in peace and government will have favourable environment to discharge its own responsibilities.
2. Protection of Public Property
Citizens are also expected to protect government or public properties from vandalisation. Citizens are expected to fight against misappropriation, corruption and squandering of public fund.
3. Payment of Taxes
Every citizen is expected not only to declare his or her income honestly to appropriate and lawful agencies but to pay his tax promptly as at when due. It is from the tax paid by the citizens that government provide essential amenities such as water, electricity, good roads, hospitals and schools, maintenance of law and order inclusive.
4. Rendering National Service
During any kind of emergency, such as during war with enemy country, citizens are expected to come out and defend the integrity of the nation. This is done by enlisting in the armed forces to fight against enemy and defend the country. The National Youth Service (NYSC) is one of such call to serve our fatherland.



Answer two questions



i. Clifford Constitution Of 1922

ii. Richard ’s constitution of 1946

iii. Lyttleton
Constitution of 1954


1. Establishment of full regional self-government for the east and west in 1957 and for the North in 1959.
2. That the office of the prime minister of Nigeria should be established.
3. The federal legislature would comprise two houses, the senate and house of representatives.
4. Southern Cameroons would become a region, with its own premier.

(i)Multi-Ethnicity : Nigeria is a country with a lot of ethnic groups. As a result of this, it has brought about the cry of the minorities clamoring for their own state.

(ii)Power Sharing: Formula Power sharing has been one of the main issue militating against federalism in Nigeria.

(i)Governmental powers are shared between the Federal and State governments.
(ii)Its operation is backed up by a federal constitution, which is usually written and rigid in nature.
(iii)It ensures equal representation of all groups.


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