Android 8 Oreo OTA Update Is Now Available for Infinix Note 4 X572

We were anticipating it, but this is coming sooner than expected. Few days ago, Infinix Mobility announced that Android 8 Oreo will be available for Infinix Note 4 X572 by April this year, along with two other Infinix-branded handsets in later months. But we’re still in the month of March and the Android 8.1.0 Oreo update has started rolling out to Infinix Note 4 devices nationwide.

This latest Android Oreo update which was released OTA (over the air), also bumps the phone’s custom UI to XOS 3.2 Hummingbird, where so many Infinix Note 4 owners have successfully installed it.

Requirement for Android 8.1.0 Oreo Update for Infinix Note 4

Before you upgrade, make sure:

  • Your device is not rooted otherwise it will get bricked.
  • You back up your current firmware in case the need to downgrade your device arise if the update contains bugs.
  • Your battery is charged, at least, up to 95%.
  • You have enough storage space and up to 2GB to download the update.


android 8.1.0 Oreo update for Infinix Note 4


cos 3.2 hummingbird


How to Install the Android 8 OTA Update for Infinix Note 4

• Simply go to settings > About > System, update and search for an update.
• If an update is available, click on download and install, then restart your device & install once the download is completed.
• Exercise patience while your device is booting into recovery mode and install the update. Please don’t interrupt the installation process.
• Once the update is complete, your Infinix Note 4 X572 will reboot and Android 8.1.0 oreo will start running on your device.

Infinix note 4 home screen after android 8 Oreo update


Infinix note 4 file manager after android 8 Oreo update


Infinix note 4 notifications after android 8 Oreo update

You might encounter some bugs since this is the first update of this operating system, but they’ll be fixed. Kindly share and tell us how it went.

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