Neco 2018 Biology Answers (Exam Runz)

How To Get 2018 NECO BIOLOGY Answers

Bio OBJ:

(i) Sunlight: It is source of energy for during photosynthesis
(ii) Chlorophyl: It traps solar energy and coverts it to chemical energy during photosynthesis

(i) Humerus
(ii) Radius
(iii) Ulna
(iv) Scapula
(v) The ball and socket joint

(i) They help in gathering food for the caste
(ii) circulating and maintaining the colony’s pheromones and food among each other via trophallaxis,
(iii) They help in tending to the eggs and nymphs
(iv) They help in taking care of the queen and king
(v) They help in constructing or repairing the nest, tunnels, galleries, feeding tunnels

Ecosystem is a community of interaction between organisms and their environment.



a gene is a sequence of DNA or RNA which codes for a molecule that has a function. During gene expression, the DNA is first copied into RNA.
Implantation: The act of setting in firmly. In embryology, implantation refers specifically to the attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterine lining, which occurs approximately 6 or 7 days after conception (fertilization).

a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. The species is the principal natural taxonomic unit, ranking below a genus and denoted by a Latin binomial, e.g. Homo sapiens.

A saprophyte or saprotroph is an organism which gets its energy from dead and decaying organic matter. This may be decaying pieces of plants or animals.

i) it gives support and shape to the body

II) it helps in the production of white blood cells

iii)it aids free movements

iv) it helps in the attachment of muscles


(i) Diabetes modditues
(ii) Gell stone
(iii) infective hepatitis
(iv) cancer of the Liver

Under Plant cell
(i) presence of cell wall
(ii) presence of chloroplast
(iii) Presence of sparse cytoplasm
(iv) presence of small vacuole
(v) Absence of centrosome

Under Animal cell
(i) Absence of cell wall
(ii) Absence of chloroplasts
(iii) Presence of dense cytoplasm
(iv) Presence of small vacuole
(v) Presence of Centrosome


(i) Parenchyma
(ii) Collenchyma

(i) it ensure fertilization takes place intenolsy
(ii) the released the eggs and despite on the egg as they move down the widuct


4ai) diffusion is defined as the process by which molecules or ion move from a region of high concentrations to a region of low concentration until they are evenly distributed
4ai) diffusion is defined as the process by which molecules or ion move from a region of high concentrations to a region of low concentration until they are evenly

4aii) osmosis is defined as the process by which water molecules move from a region of dilute or wicker solution to stronger solution
through a selectively or permeable membrane

4aiii) plasmolysis is defined as the outward movement or flow of water from a living cell when they are place in an hyoertonic solution

4bi) effect of over crowding are ;
Aggressive behavior
State of unrest
Decrease in reproductive ability

4bii) conservation of wild life are;
Indiscriminate killing of wildlife should be discouraged
Deforestation which destroy the habitat of animal should be discouraged
Killing of young developing animals should be allow

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